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A case history – “The double quick stainless steel erection!”

What is Pre-Stressed Steel?

Why use Stainless Steel in Construction Projects?

Stainless SteelThe characteristics of stainless steel, notably its corrosion resistance, aesthetic appearance and mechanical properties, make it ideally suited for many architectural applications. Optimum performance is achieved by taking into account these characteristics when designing in stainless steel. Continue reading

What is Steel Fabrication for use in Construction?

stressed-steel-structureSteel Fabrication is the process used to manufacture steel components that when assembled and joined, form a complete frame. The frame generally uses readily available standard sections that are purchased from the steel stockholder , together with other specialist items. Continue reading

Bespoke Metal Work from All Metal Solutions

10 Things Your Competitors Can Teach You About Steel Beams

steel beamsSupport beams are absolutely essential for a building’s stability, and it is crucial that builders ensure that they purchase high-quality steel beams from a leading supplier, in order to ensure a building’s structural safety. Steel beams may seem like a small part of an overall build but they have a big responsibility; to support and hold together the entire building. Continue reading

How to Solve the Biggest Problems with a Metal Staircase

Metal structures for housesI’ve see a design, but where to get it from?

People often spot a staircase they like the look of and wonder where to get one like it. Continue reading

Take the Stress out of Stressed Steel Structures

stressed-steel-structureWhen helping your client build that extension, or tackling the project yourself, it will at times become stressful and you will be able to cut the atmosphere on site with a knife on some days, especially when it comes to putting in steel structures. Continue reading