Meet The All Metal Solutions Team

all metal solutions teamFrom left to right:
Paul Hutson – Commercial/Sales Manager – Paul comes from a sales background but has been in the metal business for several years now…. He is very much a people person and enjoys building good relationships with customers and suppliers alike. He can help you run your project and if you are having problems he is great in a crisis! If you find yourself panicking, Paul is your man! 
Nicky Hedley – Company Secretary/Accounts Manager (and chief cook and bottle washer!) Nicky was a theatre nurse in a previous life but is now in charge of the finances for AMS. Wife to Mark and friend of many years to Paul, Nicky keeps an eagle eye on the finances and also keeps the boys in line!  
Mark Hedley – MD (and all round technical bod) Mark has been in the metal business for many years. He has an engineering background and a wealth of experience and ideas to help you with your project. If it’s made of metal, Mark will know what to do with it! 
Layla (At the bottom!) – Meeter & Greeter. Our nutty Springer Spaniel Layla is often to be found tearing around the yard or looking around for something to chew! She loves all our customers, and is trained to give a special welcome to those carrying a credit card, (police dogs are trained to detect drugs, Layla is trained to detect plastic!).
The All Metal Solutions Team is one of the few small steel manufacturers who can offer CE Marking on all their products.

Dieter Bierbaumer – Contracts Manager – Enderby Wharf SalesSteel Fencing for Enderby Wharf Sales

“Thank you very much for the help I received from you and your team given the tight deadlines.”