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A view from a SME: 1

It’s been a busy month at AMS:

The acquisition of a new Thunderbird 2 was forced on us when the old one finally didn’t make it off the launch ramp. Hopefully this one will last the same 120k as its predecessor.

Several big contracts have moved well down the line, one in Southend and another heavyweight structural job finished and waiting for call off.

Smaller jobs finished included a green palisade fence and automated gate in Hitchin, Bauhaus style aluminium cladding in North London, and handrails at Paddington Station with a handful of beams cranks and steels locally.

Continuing the subject of work the London Olympics’ started today (come on Team GB!!); AMS didn’t receive any direct work during the build and talking to others in this business sector not a lot of SME’s we know of seemed to benefit; the bulk of works tied up with the big boys sourcing from outside the UK. However, generally the feeling in the steel business is up, but that is tempered with worries concerning the perceived downturn in construction. It seems to be that some firms are busy, some quiet with nothing in between!! Our strength of working across the board and keeping an eye on the overheads should stand us in good stead to react quickly as the financial situation changes (for the positive we hope).

AMS is knuckling down to push for more work, whist maintaining our client based approach; you place the order and forget about it, we finish the job.

Back next month, but in the meantime herewith the first 2 rules of engineering:

1. If it moves it’s broken.
2. If it doesn’t move it’s broken.