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Not all bespoke steel jobs are high profile

bespoke steel cage 2Here at All Metal Solutions  we have over the past months told you of some exciting, high profile bespoke steel jobs  that we have carried out for Ralph Lauren and a flat in Belgravia.

Well when your main business is bespoke steel projects, not all can be like that.  For example this latest work carried out for CBM Electrical of Welwyn Garden City. They needed a robust steel cage to be fitted onto a new flat back truck so that they could safely move large, tall electrical equipment involved in their industrial and commercial work.

After taking the required measurements and getting approval of the drawings we constructed the various bespoke steel parts in our workshop. Then when CBM  could let us have the truck, we constructed the cage in-situ on the vehicle in our workshop. The photographs of the result are what you see in this blog.

bespoke steel grillAll Metal Solutions can supply any type of high quality bespoke steel security products

Additional security measures can also be required inside commercial properties to protect all types of products from expensive computer equipment through to pharmaceuticals. Bespoke steel mesh security cages can be made to stop theft or unauthorised people from gaining access. Our team  can produce high quality steel cages that have been carefully designed to provide high levels of security for an assortment of requirements.

bespoke steel cageSteel security cages can be made in any size and finish therefore it is important to understand exactly what is required in order to assess the type of cage that will be the best for your requirements. We can provide you with a number of products including:-

•    Secure Steel Mesh encloseures
•    Computer Security Cages
•    Secure steel mesh walls and part encloseure.
•    Chemical and poison stores.
•    Cleaners stores.
•    Bonded stores.

As experienced metal fabricators, we also understand that a caged area may need to remain aesthetically pleasing in areas where visitors will be passing by. Our bespoke designs always take into consideration the surroundings and client requirements to blend the appropriate bespoke steel installation with the rest of the area of the property or, as in this case, vehicle to be protected.

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