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We Reach New Heights with our Steel Structures

steel structures in mayfairIt’s not just warm, safe steel supply and erection jobs for well-known brands like Ralph Lauren that All Metal Solutions do.  Our Bespoke service runs to the contracts to supply steel structures where more caution is required.

Take this job that we undertook in Belgravia in London’s swish SW1 area recently.  We were asked to manufacture and supply 3 bespoke steel structures for some work that was planned to a 2 bedroom flat on the 3rd floor of a block and then complete the steel erection. Now besides the problems of getting the steel into the flat we had to consider the traffic chaos that might occur and the relevant permissions associated with all this.

Our first thought was the obvious – hire a crane to lift the steel structures  up the side of the block of flats and through the window so we could complete the steel erection. However, that will take time and hassle so thinking out of the box we decided to hire a HIAB Truck, rather than a crane as we knew we could park on the street and as technically we were only “unloading” we realised that there would be no need for a permit which we would need for a crane.

Lifting the Steel Structures
Lifting the Steel Structures

As they say a picture tells a hundred words and the one above says it all .

We lifted the 3 steel structures to the 3rd floor, pulled them through the window to get into the 2 bed flat and the whole operation took just 15 minutes from the time the HIAB lorry arrived until the job was completed.

Also the HIAB also brought the steel on the back of the truck , so only one cost instead of the hire of a truck and a crane!

So another challenge for All Metal Solutions swiftly executed.  Here at All Metal Solutions we use lateral thinking to solve Vertically Challenged problems!

If you need a bespoke solution to manufacturing and/or installing any steel products then the only thing for you to do is contact us here.